holiday Island, a Sardinian experience

Project by Giovanni Casu
Curated by Giusy Sanna
Powered by Sardisches kulturzentrum Berlin

Opening: Friday, February 3rd  2012. 7pm.; Supermarkt, Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin
Artists: Nuno Vicente, Ewa Surowiec, Bryn Chainey
Performances:  Marisa Benjamim, Carlo Spiga
Music by Stella Veloce, Small Prey

Holiday Island, a Sardinian experience, is the main event  of the Holiday Island project that began nearly a year ago, from a concept developed by Giovanni Casu and Giusy Sanna.

Holiday Island is a cultural experiment  made by  alchemies of different linguistic codes. It promotes young international artists, the exchange between different cultures, and cast Sardinia as an actor in international contemporary art.

After a selection, in June 2011 three artists from Portugal (Nuno Vicente), Poland (Ewa Surowiec) and Australia (Bryn Chainey), all now Berlin based, were guests for a week in Samatzai: a tiny town in the south of Sardinia, far from the well-known beaches and normal tourist routes.

This short  journey was necessary to give a sudden impression subjective, instantaneous,  free from stereotyped knowledge of this  Mediterranean island: an image really far away from the tourist’s postcards and, precisely, far from this take-away idea of a Holiday Island.

On February 3rd , Nuno Vicente, Ewa Surowiec and Bryn Chainey will show their personal points of view from this Sardinian experience.

Videos, photos and installations will be presented in Supermarkt, an exceptional and original space in Brunnenstrasse that has been freshly renovated.

Two guest artists, Marisa Benjamim (Portugal) and Carlo Spiga (Italy), who enriched the Sardinian experience with their participation, will also present two parallel projects.

Visit the Blog of the project here

Holiday Island is a international project made possible by: Sardisches kulturzentrum Berlin, Culturia , Proloco Samatzai, and Istituto di Cultura Italiana Fernando Santi of Cagliari.

Special thanks go to Associazione Proloco members and the inhabitants of Samatzai for the generous hospitality.