Sunday, 15. January 2023

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to this virtual tour. Please take your time here. I would like to offer you a glass of sparkling water to make your visit more pleasant. The works presented here suffer in the virtual space and need your physical presence to truly come to life. I hope to show them to you during a studio visit in my Berlin studio or at the next exhibition.

This line of research deals with Aura and Value. This fact makes it even more complicated to present them here because the appearance of “value” reacts to everything, including the fact that my name appears in the http address, in the list of exhibitions or collaborations. The artist’s name is also part of the fetishistic aspect of the work, as Benjamin wrote. Value defines artworks because works of art are intercorrelated historically and by tradition to the phenomenological experiences of value. The way in which value appears gathers different kinds of value expressed in an artwork. Value is intended as a constitutive element of the artwork in the same respect as its materiality or the concept that generates it. In this sense, value is also sensible, perceptible, and expresses the immersion of the work in the economic flow, in the flux of information, and in the artistic context.

The website is divided into four chapters, and under “Works,” you will find an extended PDF portfolio with descriptions.

After 2013, my practice began to develop around the idea of the grey point as a possibility of a new beginning. The research about its modernist ancestor led to the discovery of iron powder, which can be found on Sardinian and Japanese beaches after a tempestuous night. I followed the necessity to touch some stones and objects in order to verify time and tried to draw the horizon with the sun on the island of Thera.

Short Bio: Giovanni Casu was born in Sardinia. He moved to Paris in 2002 where he lived and exhibited his artworks for the next 7 years. In 2007, he participated in Nuit Blanche Paris with “Le Puit.” After a residency in 2009, he relocated to Berlin where he has produced solo and collective exhibitions and has developed a work based on verification procedures typical of empirical discourse. The Ecke Project (2010-2012) is based on the relationship between art and neuroscience, and Empirical Survey on a Heritage (2010-2014) is a project on the consistency of Sardinian cultural identity verified through contemporary art practices. Since 2013, his artistic practice has developed creative processes based on the fertile relationship between time and matter.