Small installation on the role of recognition (…), 2013.
Halogen spotlight, tripod, wooden pedestal and magnifying lens

If you decide to play with a point of light and a magnifying lens, different things can happen. The optical game between these two objects can create, under specific circumstances, a new object. This new object is created by the magnifying lens, the object that produces light, and a 3rd element: the projection that the light produces with and through the magnifying lens. This projection, when the focus is well established, provides a clear picture of the incandescent filament. The act of recognizing what´s happening in the relationship between the lamp and the lens enhances the semantic  dimension of the installation in a metaphorical way. The fact that the representation of the part of the lamp that produces the light (we could call it the core part of the lamp) is the product of the interaction between the lamp and the lens seems to create another level of meaning. The fact that both the magnifying lens and light have a symbolic power calls forth different levels of meaning related to this symbolic interaction and how the two objects stand in space. The viewer is confronted with a meaningful structure and this meaningful structure can be related in metaphorical ways to other contents.