Genau! Sardinia. Sardinian artists in Berlin
Powered by Giovanni Casu
Curated by Giusy Sanna

Artists: Irene Balia, paintings; Giovanni Casu, installation; E., video; Roberto Fanari,sculpture; Ambra Pittoni, performance; Carlo Spiga, installation.

People have always been attracted by Sardinia because of its specific and interesting culture. In recent years this attraction has become a sort of cultural exchange because also many Sardinians in general and Sardinian artists leave and enter the island permanently; some leave for good, others stay abroad for long periods.

This mobility was caused by the emergence of many talented Sardinians who live outside Sardinia, a fact which demonstrates the potential of modern Sardinia for more attention and promotion.

This event aims to give visibility to contemporary art made by Sardinian artists who work in Berlin. It is a showcase in the heart of the current world capital of contemporary art and promotes the particularity of Sardinian artists in a global cultural context.

Located at the crossroads of Mediterranean cultures, Sardinian culture has ancient roots but also new sprouts, opening itself towards and becoming part of Europe.

The event Genau! Sardinia. Sardinian artists in Berlin wants to be an initiative promoting Sardinian identity. Of course, a difficult cultural environment forms every artist, but a culture which uses contemporary art as a way of expression shows the willingness to renew and reinvent itself.

In the course of globalization every peculiarity, originality and every distinctive feature is a valuable contribution to the beauty of the world and cultural heritage. In this case, contemporary art can play an important role to demonstrate different Sardinian facets and the island’s potential.

The event takes place from: May 1st to May 10th, 2010 at Lucas Carrieri Gallery, Mitte, Berlin.
The highlight is the vernissage at 19.00 h the 1st of May, Saturday.
Seven Sardinian artists who work in Berlin were selected for the exhibition.
*Performances are planned
Dj set at 22.00 h: Bjarte and the Smoke machines from Norway.

More info:
tel.+49 15774850740
Lucas Carrieri Gallery

Torstrasse 96, Berlin