giovanni casu_studio

The journey of the aura of the black stone of Cyprus project is based on an investigation about value and aura. Following “on having been here” works on stones touching, I end up in 2019 in Paphos in front of one the most important stone of ancient world, it (she) was like a carsic river emerging overground from cave.

Roger Caillois, The Writing of Stones (L’ecriture des pierres, 1970):

I see the origin of the irresistible attraction of metaphor and analogy, the explanation of our strange and permanent need to find similarities in things. I can scarcely refrain from suspecting some ancient, diffused magnetism; a call from the center of things; a dim, almost lost memory, or perhaps a presentiment, pointless in so puny a being, of a syntax.“

The black stone is now exhibited in a small room in Palaipafou Museum (Kouklia). The project wants to be also an opportunity to initiate a re-valorisation of the object that was one of the most important of ancient world.