“this is not the present” questions the possibility to create several works of art that could have appeared at a certain time in history of art but for some reasons never happened to be realized. It is a invitation for collaboration around this starting point. The series ‘this is not the present is a dynamic of production based on the possibility that in a specific moment of contemporary art history, some artworks could have been realized, but for some reasons never were.

Given a numbers of discourses, concepts, problems, subjects and materials at the centre of the creative research of several authors and artists in a given historical moment, gaps seem to emerge. „this is not the present“ brings together a series of works created to fill those gaps.

In the specific case of ‘Drawing the horizon with the sun’ the artistic historical references are numerous: for example the work of Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt, Giovanni Anselmo, Robert Morris, Walter De Maria in the late ´60 beginning of the ’70.